Opening Hours

Sunday to Wednesday 

9am to 12am

Thursday to Saturday 

9am to 1am

Please note that the opening hours of restaurants may vary.

Welcome to Diriyah’s newest dining destination

The finest cuisine the world has to offer

Opened in December 2022, the carefully curated collection of restaurants and cafés at Bujairi Terrace offers a glimpse into the future of Diriyah, the City of Earth, and the life its future visitors and residents will enjoy. Built with the ancient wisdom of Najdi traditions, Diriyah will become a beacon for the transformative power of culture, innovation, and heritage.

Welcome to Bujairi Terrace

Our Heritage

A destination that reflects the authenticity of history and heritage

Historically, Al-Bujairi was a residential area, one of the oldest and most southerly of Diriyah's original districts. Now infused with a calm and soothing atmosphere, it is the ideal place for entertainment and relaxation while offering some of the finest views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of At-Turaif.

  • At the time of the First Saudi State, Al-Bujairi became a place for learning and cultural formation with the many scholars and students who arrived in Diriyah from across the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Built with adobe where a simple agricultural community lived in, Al-Bujairi was originally a place of natural palm groves and freshwater wells.

  • Today, visitors to Al-Bujairi Terrace can walk directly into the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site of At-Turaif to enjoy an unforgettable touristic experience.